Nathan’s Famous Pickles – Health Benefits

Nathan’s pickles first started off as a hotdog stand. The company was founded by an immigrant from Poland. His name was Nathan Handwerker, and he started this company 1916. He first opened a hotdog stand in Long Island, New York and sold hotdogs claiming that it was based on a “recipe”, an idea from his wife. Nathan’s pickles the company is a great example of living the American dream. Almost 100 years have passed, and Nathan’s pickles have gained much recognition and importance. Last year alone 435 million Nathan’s famous hotdogs were sold! The company is centered in the United States of America. It is available in all 50 states in approximately 40,000 stores!

Nelson Rockefeller, the former governor of New York, stated that “no man can hope to be elected in the state without being photographed eating a hotdog at Nathan’s famous.”.

First, it started off as pickles. However, now Nathan’s merchandise has been expanded to snacks, hats, fiberglass shingles, pet treats and even coolers!

In recent years there has been a major rise in the popularity of pickles. Their benefits are becoming more and more advertised as more people eat them year-by-year. Pickles are made from small cucumbers soaked in dill, garlic and salt. Pickles have very few calories and are low in fat.

One small pickle contains many vitamins and minerals. They have almost 60 mg of calcium. Calcium is good for bone density. They also have 34 mg of potassium and 3 mg of magnesium with some iron and copper. And a pickle contains only around 4 calories, so eating pickles is healthy! Pickles are also now used as antioxidants to attack the molecules that spark diseases. Pickles also have a great amount of fiber that helps in the digestion of food.

Although they have several vitamins and minerals, they should be eaten in moderation because of their sodium content, so if you want to eat a lot of them you should consider looking for a low-sodium pickle such as Nathan’s Famous pickles!

Other great health benefits that pickles have include the antibacterial properties that usually fight infections on skin. They are also a great cure for hiccups! Recently, they have been used for their calming effects, and helping with headaches. For a faster result, some even recommend drinking the pickle juice. Others have also been using it to help with sleep believe it or not. Another benefit is for free radical protection, which secures the body from free radicals. And finally, they are a great aid for bone health, as they can prevent osteoporosis.

Grab a Nathan’s famous pickle and get yourself some health today!

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