What Make’s Nathan’s Pickles So Famous?

When we heard the news that Nathan’s Famous Pickles has decided to give Canada a taste, we simply had to say; “why not eh?”.

Truth be told, as Canadians we’ve never been opposed to finding that perfect crunch and aroma when it comes to the pickle that completes are own famous delis and sandwiches! In light of this, we wanted to know exactly why major food sources in Canada; such as Loblaws,  No Frills and Fortinos,  have hailed “open sesame” to filling their shelves with Nathan’s Famous Pickles. But to win us over, Nathan’s Famous Pickles were put to the ultimate test, up against all the five senses!

When we saw this well-rounded, perfect snack-or-slice sized pickle; soaking in a breezy-light brine along with the perfect garnishing of country-side herbs, we knew that we can’t just keep staring…

Time to titillate the other four senses!

Before even the first bite, Nathan’s Famous Pickles deliver a scent to whisk us away on a ride through rolling hills of dill weed, behind a horse-drawn carriage of freshly picked garlic cloves and mustard seeds! 

Then with the crackling sound of vinegar-kissed baby cucumbers, came a sprinkle-taste of the divinely light brine, Nathan’s century old family recipe, inherent of a grandmother’s whispered-down trade secrets!

 All too soon the splendor of the first bite was over. But rest assured we took further bites to deliver you the consideration; that Nathan’s Famous Pickles mesmerized all five of our senses!

And if the skeptics can bare to hear it, it only took one bite of this crisp and crunchy pickle to know why Nathan’s is so Famous!

You may be wondering just how a pickle got to be so extraordinary, in fact you may be wondering how these pickles can be sold under the name “Famous” if they’re just arriving now, here in Canada. It so happens, there is a legendary story behind the extraordinary pickle, but first we must ask that you put down that soft and flimsy BLT sandwich Canada! If you still don’t have a jar full of  crispy Nathan’s, please refrain from taking a bite out of the ordinary!

Nathan’s is one of those stories reminiscent of a golden age; nearly a hundred years ago, in the Empire State. Here as it were, a hard working Polish immigrant and his wife Ida, could escape the wrath of early 19th century second-class citizen trappings, by making delicious hot dogs. Using an old home-land recipe from Ida’s mother and a humble 300 dollars in startup scratch, Nathan would come to sky rocket into the king of New York street meat!

Soon Nathan had “the worm on a hook” and all of New York came flocking like a school of fish!

Who came to bite you ask?

From several heads of state such as President Roosevelt, who served Nathan’s Famous to the British royals in 1939, to Hollywood stars like Eddie Cantor and later, Barbara Streisand.  Even the mob had to have a taste, Al Capone himself claimed Nathan’s Famous as the best hot dog around!

It’s no wonder that Nathan’s Pickles are also famous under the trusted and beloved name of Nathan’s Famous. We salute Loblaws, No Frills and Fortinos, in their tasteful choice of carrying this famously delectable treat; thanks guys, for picking the pickle that put the pick in pickle! 

In the end, there was always enough legend to go by, when it came to giving the due credit to Nathan’s Famous Pickles, but we just had to put a taste to the tale! Bon Appetit Canada!

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