Nathans Famous Pickles, which was established in 1916, has been dubbed as the ideal example of the American dream. They first started off as a hotdog stand in Long Island, New York, and ended up becoming a pickle brand that celebrities want to take pictures with, becoming a major company that sells a variety of delicious foods. It is most common in the United States of America, in all 50 states, with about 40,000 stores selling their products. And now they are available in Canada thanks to Foodfest America. And it’s seems that Canadians have quickly embraced these delicious pickles! Canadians have always known how to pick their pickles. Continue reading

Nathan’s pickles first started off as a hotdog stand. The company was founded by an immigrant from Poland. His name was Nathan Handwerker, and he started this company 1916. He first opened a hotdog stand in Long Island, New York and sold hotdogs claiming that it was based on a “recipe”, an idea from his wife. Nathan’s pickles the company is a great example of living the American dream. Almost 100 years have passed, and Nathan’s pickles have gained much recognition and importance. Last year alone 435 million Nathan’s famous hotdogs were sold! The company is centered in the United States of America. It is available in all 50 states in approximately 40,000 stores! Continue reading

When we heard the news that Nathan’s Famous Pickles has decided to give Canada a taste, we simply had to say; “why not eh?”.

Truth be told, as Canadians we’ve never been opposed to finding that perfect crunch and aroma when it comes to the pickle that completes are own famous delis and sandwiches! In light of this, we wanted to know exactly why major food sources in Canada; such as Loblaws,  No Frills and Fortinos,  have hailed “open sesame” to filling their shelves with Nathan’s Famous Pickles. But to win us over, Nathan’s Famous Pickles were put to the ultimate test, up against all the five senses!
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It looks like the pickle experts agree – Nathan’s Famous pickles are the great ones!  The brine is light, the pickles are crisp, and the garlic and dill complete the tasty recipe.  This is a mild and well-balanced pickle – the ideal snacking pickle!  And according to pickle aficionados, the flavor is not over-whelming, giving the pickle a cool and refreshing tang.  But the best news of all is that Nathan’s Famous pickles have finally arrived in Canada!

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A Flavour experience BREAKTHROUGH!

Believe it or not ,Nathan’s Famous kosher refrigerated pickles will be sold and distributed in Canada through Foodfest (
They will be available at all Loblaws, No Frills , Fortinos, and ValuMarts in the refrigerated meat coolers.

All Canadian consumers and pickle lovers can finally purchase AMERICA’S #1 FAMOUS NEW YORK BRAND

For your historical decision to support Nathan’s famous KOSHER NEW YORK BRAND of PICKLES in your stores.

The famous NEW YORK Brand will WOW all the Canadian consumers and pickle lovers with it’s LOVE AT FIRST BITE FLAVOUR EXPERIENCE and they can be found in the refrigerated meat cooler sections.