What makes Nathan’s Famous pickles so great?

It looks like the pickle experts agree – Nathan’s Famous pickles are the great ones!  The brine is light, the pickles are crisp, and the garlic and dill complete the tasty recipe.  This is a mild and well-balanced pickle – the ideal snacking pickle!  And according to pickle aficionados, the flavor is not over-whelming, giving the pickle a cool and refreshing tang.  But the best news of all is that Nathan’s Famous pickles have finally arrived in Canada!

Nathan’s Famous pickles are the only refrigerated pickles with a safety seal.  They are produced in small batches and are not pasteurized – in fact, they are packed fresh to ensure maximum crispness.  Coming to us from our American neighbours to the south, pickle lovers in Canada can now enjoy Nathan’s Famous pickles direct from the refrigerated meat cooler section of Loblaws, No Frills, Fortinos and related banners and their associated food retailers.

Canadians have long-suffered without Nathan’s Famous pickles.  That unique “love at first bite” experience is now at hand, and available locally.  And with ingredients like mustard seed, dill, and garlic, our pickle experts are in agreement that Nathan’s is “a good bite”.  Whether you decide to eat them out of the jar, or finely sliced on top of a favourite sandwich, nothing quite compares with the tangy flavor.  Some say they can simply be consumed on impulse!     

Amongst the many pickle varieties available in store, you can choose from processed products that sit on the supermarket shelf – OR – you can choose “fresh” product found in the refrigerated section – suffice to say that when you choose Nathan’s Famous pickles in the refrigerated meat cooler, you’ll soon taste the difference.  And if dill pickles are an important part of your eating routine, you’ll appreciate that difference.

Nathan’s Famous pickles are part of a long tradition that started with Nathan’s Famous hot dog, which was created some 100 years ago on New York City.  Beyond the great taste, you’ll find ZERO fat, ZERO saturated fat, ZERO trans fat, and ZERO cholesterol.  And for those consumers who are measuring calories, you’ll also find an extremely low calorie count.  Additionally, these pickles contain moderate amounts of Vitamin K.

As a matter of interest, the fact that a pickle is “kosher” does not necessarily mean that it is prepared based on a specific dietary law.  It’s just a pickle that’s made in the traditional way that the New York City pickle makers used – with generous amounts of garlic and dill added to the natural salt brine.  It’s a process that makes for a more full-bodied dill pickle, and gives it that tasty kick we all love.

For those who haven’t joined the pickle fan-fare yet, take note that Nathan’s Famous pickles are now available at Loblaws, No Frills, Fortinos and related banners.  And it’s fine if you want to join the pickle experts with their elaborate definitions, or the pickle authorities with their fancy claims – but we recommend you just savour a good pickle when you see one – and that would be a Nathan’s Famous pickle.

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